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I starred on BBC The One Show Thursday 18th May!

as the 'fish with antlers'!


Please take a look at 'Benny the Blenny's' BLOG!


See ROCK POOLS for new free WHITEBOARD teaching resources. 


Hi, I’ve just been nicknamed 'the fish with antlers' and I blog, welcome to my web-site. My proper name is 'Benny the Blenny', a real British fish, a tompot blenny. I narrate a children's book and my blog that uses Paul Naylor's amazing underwater photographs and video's to show you the dramatic and colourful world around our shores. I’m very keen to introduce you to my neighbours: crabs, cuttlefish, sea anemones, starfish, seals and fish. I will tell you which ones I eat and which ones try to eat me! In the book, 'Fact boxes' in the book tell you all about me and my neighbours, and also cover biodiversity, adaptation and food webs. It opens a window into my underwater world.

My book, “Benny the Blenny’s Shallow Sea Adventure”, is available at bookshops and on-line.

My author Teresa Naylor is now available for author visits to schools where she uses my book  to show what wonderful creatures are found beneath our seas. She then inspires the children to write their own marine life books. Please contact her for further details.

The teaching resources in ROCK POOLS have been designed to be downloaded as a PDF for colour printing. My blog is also a very good free classroom resource.

For brilliant videos of UK marine life look at 

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